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 COD League rules

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PostSubject: COD League rules   COD League rules Icon_minitimeThu Feb 07, 2008 8:55 am

COD League rules Icon_minipostPosted: Sat Dec 01, 2007 6:38 pm Post subject: COD 4 RulesCOD League rules Icon_quote

League Rules


These rules are to be observed by all players at all times. Ignorance of them is no excuse. They are here to keep Cod league cheat-free, fun and fair. They will be updated as and when required and a post will be made to show that the rules have been updated. War arrangers and clan leaders should endeavour to ensure that all of their members have read and understood them.

If you have a question about anything that is included in these rules then please do not hesitate to contact a Cod league administrator who will help you.

The fixtures list will be available with each team alternating between home and away fixtures. The home team will choose both maps which must be different. War arrangers are responsible for getting the fixture played within the gameweek at a time that is mutually convenient. If the war arrangers cannot reach agreement the match will be played at 8.30 on the Friday of that gameweek.
If a clan needs to postpone a match 24 hours notice must be given to the opposing clans war arranger. If any clan arranges a league match and does not show or tries to cancel the match without giving 24hrs notice a default win will be recorded and the offending clan could be subject to a penalty at the discretion of the Codleague administrators.

Player Names & Clan Tags

Players must have tags before the game commences. Names should not be offensive, derogatory or abusive, clans are fully entitled to raise a complaint against a player who plays with an abusive player name.

Clans are encouraged not to use the Punkbuster bad name list to enforce this issue on match servers. We would rather you raised a complaint after the match, in this vein, clans should avoid discussion about a players name in the match.

Clan tags must be worn at all times during a game.

League Maps

The following maps are permitted in the Cod league, other maps will be added as and when they appear and have been tested as suitable:

Please note that codleague does not consider shipment to be a suitable theatre of war and it is not included.
Weapon restrictions
To promote skill and enjoyable games the following weapons are not available:
Grenade launchers
Claymore mines
C4 explosive
Sniper rifles are limited to one per team


League Administrators should only be contacted on MSN as a last resort. For non urgent matters please use e-mail.


Players are responsible for ensuring their settings are within the acceptable limit for the competition. If for whatever reason a client setting (CVAR) has been altered by the installation of a modification, then it is the players responsibility to return their CVAR’s to the default game settings. This is to minimize Punkbuster kicks for CVAR violations disrupting game play.

If you are disconnected from the server due to a temporary error then you are to reconnect to the game immediately. A temporary error is defined as a dropped line/connection interference.

If you are kicked of the server for Punkbuster violation then the player is to rectify the offending CVAR within the 2 minutes that the player is removed from the game for. Players must not accuse other players for cheating irrespective of the Punkbuster kick text that appears in console, nor are clans to exit the game because a player has been kicked and they believe that the violation was a cheat. When these instances have occurred, evidence will be gathered by the league administrators and if a cheat is confirmed then the appropriate action will be taken.

Further information about Punkbuster, cheating and settings are below.

Match Server

Matches will be played using the latest version of the codleague PAM mod with the configuration settings for that season . Both clans should agree in advance the server(s) on which the game should be played and this should be the home teams server unless they are experiencing technical difficulties. In an emergency contact an admin to ask about borrowing a match server from a clan that has one free.

Each server should be properly configured according to the rules set out below. If a server is not configured correctly and the clan refuses to configure their server correctly then the map should be played on the other clan’s server. If the clan who’s server is not configured correctly refuse to move to the opponent server they will forfeit the match 20-0 by default.

Match Rules

The match is played on the chosen server(s) over the 2 maps chosen by the home clan. Each side of each map is to be played by both teams with a score resultant from first to 5 as each side.

Matches must be played with a minimum of five players. This rule is without exception.

Freelancers are not allowed. Players must be bona fide members of the clan that they are playing for

It is not permitted to abuse unintentional bugs/glitches within the game/maps. This means that players are not permitted to leave the intended playing surface of the map i.e. jumping out of the map.
Players are reminded that Cod league is a league based on fair play and in good spirit. Any player who continually abuses other teams/team members or administrators will face sanctions. For an individual player it may be removal from Cod league. If multiple members of any team are involved then the clan may be removed from Cod league and prevented from joining the subsequent season(s).
Persistent bunny-hopping is unacceptable and against the ethos of Codleague. We accept that everybody accidentally leaps on occasion but players who jump across a map and around every corner will bring their clan into disrepute and they will face possible sanctions from the administration team.

Entering & Accepting Results

After the match the result should be entered by the winning Clan Leader or war arranger using the system on the left of the main page. The result needs to be confirmed by the losing leader, failure to confirm results will be seen as bad sportsmanship.If there is a conflict then please advise the divisional admin as soon as possible and do not enter/accept the score.

Anti-Cheat PunkBuster

Punkbusted must be streaming to your match server.
Punkbuster must be configured with automatic screenshots, as per CoD2 rules, and those screenshots must be available on request and kept for a minimum of 7 days after a match has ended.

Players must not install any cheat or attempt to circumvent any aspect of Punkbuster or the Punkbuster screenshots. This is also against the EULA for Punkbuster and the game.

Default Skins/Models/Files/Maps

Default files ONLY, as installed from the CoD4 DVD, are to be used. If it is proven that a team has modified or customized any accepted mods, that team will be subject to standard rules against cheating. Other cheats include but are not limited to, use of any player skins, weapon skins, textures, custom maps, enhanced sound mods, blood mods, sniper scopes, modified game files, and illegal binds.

Illegal Binds are defined as;

1) Any binding of three or more keys.
2) Binds that alter the map model, i.e.: no fog, no foliage, etc.
3) Any binds pointed to any program or function that resides outside of the CoD4 directory.
4) Binding the mousewheel to increase fire-rate of a weapon is considered a cheat.

Permitted Bindings include;

1) Changes to assigned stock single key game play binds.
2) Binding of not more than two motion keys (Example: bind a +leanright;+moveright)

If you have a non-stock binding that you're unsure is legal, or have a binding that you would like to have approved for use in match play, submit the information to your Ladder Admin or the League Official for clarification and/or consideration. Any player found using illegal binds will be subject to administrative disciplinary action.

When Cheating Is Detected

When evidence of cheating has been found take the following steps.

Contact a league official.

Be sure to upload any files to be used as evidence.

From the demo provide specific round and map time where cheating was observed.

If the player was removed by Punkbuster for a violation, the servers log file must be made available to the league official.

Once the League Official has examined the match evidence a ruling will be made. Both teams will contacted with the findings, and informed of any administrative actions required.

Spectators & Observers

There will be no spectators or observers allowed. Where teams agree to permit spectators and/or observers no dispute will be heard regarding any actions taken by said spectators and/or observers during the match.

Match Demos

It is recommended for all players competing in CoD4 leagues to make a demo of each match. In the event that a dispute should arise, or the ladder administrator or league official should require them.

To record a match demo take the following steps:

To begin demo drop your console and type in /record nameofdemo. Where nameofdemo could be anything you wish.

To end demo drop your console and type in /stoprecord.

Recorded demos are stored in "C:\Program Files\Activision\Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare\main\demos" folder

However, you will need to cut/paste your demos from this folder and paste them into:

"C:\Program Files\Activision\Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare\Mods\ModWarfare\demos"

If the demos folder doesn't exist, simply create it.

With that done, run cod4 multiplayer and select 'Mods' then 'Modwarefare'

Open up console and type /demo demoname

This will play your recorded demo.

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COD League rules
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PostSubject: Re: COD League rules   COD League rules Icon_minitimeFri Feb 08, 2008 3:31 am

Woot....COD4 rule brought to you by NATO and the UN Laughing

COD League rules Msgklemersigqu9
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COD League rules
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